If Donald Trump gets elected, we should disband or completely overhaul the electoral college system of electing the president.

I am a Libertarian, and I fully expected some candidate other then the one for whom I voted to be elected president.  I’m not upset because I lost, that’s not what bothers me.  What bothers me is that Donald Trump is completely unqualified to be president, and is on track to be elected against the popular vote through misinformation.  This is precisely the situation that the second level of human input, the electoral college, is designed to defend us against.  The election of Donald Trump is not the will of the American people, and his support is based largely on lies.

Recent polling shows that people who voted for Trump believe that unemployment has gone up in the past 8 years, when it has gone down remarkably.  Many of them believe the stock market has fallen for the last 8 years when it has risen dramatically. 

If a voter’s fundamental understanding of the state of the union is wildly askew from reality, then their conclusions about the validity of the policies in place will be similarly detached from reality. 

This is precisely the problem that the electoral college was meant to understand, and mitigate.  Votes gained based on misinformation should be reviewed and understood by the Electors so that they can choose whether those votes are genuinely for a candidate, or cast for a false pretense of a candidate that was never really present in the campaign.

And here is why I believe the electors of the electoral college should go against Donald Trump in particular… I do not know Mr. Trump personally, and I can only judge what I have seen and learned from him through numerous sources over the last several years, including his own words, speeches, interviews, and tweets, but some of the relevant facts are these:

Donald Trump has shown himself to be anti-American, and anti-patriotic.  For more than 7 of the 8 years of Barrack Obama’s presidency, Donald Trump has actively pursued a slanderous campaign against the sitting president of the U.S. insisting that the president is not even an American citizen.  This is not an idealogical difference in policy, or an honest attempt to reform the vetting process for elected American officials, this has been a consistent smear campaign against the U.S., attempting to discredit our president.  Not challenge his ideas or improve policies, just attacking the president as a person.  This is a level of disrespect that I feel qualifies as anti-patriotic behavior. 

Free speech is meant to allow us to disagree about policy and freely discuss ideas.  Accusing the twice elected president of being a foreigner who should be deported is unforgivably vile language even if Donald believed it to be true.  Which he may not. 

So either Donald truly believed president Obama wasn’t a citizen and was rude about trying to have him removed from office or change some policy, or Mr. Trump did not believe those things, and proceeded to slander, with lies and malice aforethought, the president of the United States.  This is beyond not presidential, it’s fundamentally dishonest.

Donald Trump has also shown himself to be easily manipulated on the global stage.  Taiwan has leveraged the lack of experience of Donald Trump and his transition team to gain attention in an attempt to be taken more seriously in its negotiations with China.  Russian state sponsored hacking programs to intervene in America’s presidential election are being dismissed as the casual pastime of some lone overweight hacker from his bedroom.

When the election looked like it would be won by Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump claimed that large scale voter fraud was occurring.  He still claims that her win in the popular vote is due to fraud.  This is a serious and troubling accusation that should be followed up be significant and lengthy investigations and ongoing funding to verify and make sure that America’s voters are not being misled about how the votes are counted or how elections are run.  If rampant voter fraud is a real problem, it is foundational and serious and must be investigated rigorously.  But this is not what Donal Trump actually believes, because after the election that garnered him more than 270 voters in the electoral college, he summarily dismisses any attempt to investigate fraud in this election.  He has stated the probable outcome of a recount to be “So much time and money … spent - same result! Sad” as if security and confidence in our electoral system had no value and should not be pursued.

I believe that Donald Trump is dangerously naive about foreign policy, and his dismissal of security briefings as a waste of his time show him to be willfully, belligerently ignorant about the state of our country, and the American people.  If the electoral college cannot defend against this dangerously uninformed potential leader, whose history shows him to actively pursue world stage rhetoric that diminishes the stature of the country and the president, and whose belief in fraud differs depending on whether or not it’s in his favor… This election, where the electoral college vote falls contrary to the popular vote, then the electoral college has no value whatsoever and should be completely disbanded in its current form.  I do not know what, if anything, should replace it.  But this is exactly what the electoral college was designed to fight against, and if it can’t, America can do without it.
Disband the electoral college
If Trump is elected.
Donald Trump is dangerously naive and willfully, beligerently ignorant.  This is precisely the person the entire electoral college was implemented to defend against.